We pride ourselves on using the best fabrics for our shirts. They are soft yet durable and unlike some cheaper fabrics will get even better with every wash.


All our fabrics are made with two-fold cotton.  This means that each yarn is made up of two finer yarns twisted together to make a two-fold yarn.  The result is that you get the soft feel of a finer yarn, but twice strength and thickness. The best of both worlds.


The number 100 refers to the weight of the yarn, specifically the number of hanks of 840 yards length of cotton yarn to weigh one pound. The higher the number the finer the yarn.  A finer yarn means a softer and silkier fabric, but also means that the fabric is thinner and less durable.

We think that 2/100s give the perfect balance: a soft and luxurious fabric that still has some “meat” to it. Our Oxfords are woven with slightly thicker yarns to give a more rugged fabric.

Long Staple Cotton

Not all cotton is grown equal. The most important factor in determining the quality of cotton is the staple length: the length of each fibre of cotton. The longer the staple the stronger and smoother each yarn is. This results in a softer and silkier and more durable fabric. All our shirts are made from long staple cotton.

Top Mills

Another important factor in the quality of the fabric is the quality of the mill used. There are a lot of factors that go into determining the quality of the fabric, from the spinning process that arranges the cotton fibres into a high quality, resistant and uniform yarn, to the quality of the dyes, the speed of the weaving process and the finishing processes.

The quality of the mill makes a huge difference to the quality of the fabric; so much so that an 80-yarn count shirt from a top mill will feel and wear softer than a 220-yarn count shirt from poor mill, not to mention lasting a good deal longer. Our fabric supplier only uses top mills for our fabrics.

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