The Fit

As we make each shirt for you individually, we can make you a shirt that fits you just right.

Unlike an off the shelf shirt we don’t assume that you are a standard shape, so if you have a 17 inch neck, we won’t assume you have a 46 inch waist!

We use not only your collar size but also your waist and chest size, so that if for example you are lucky enough to have a broad chest and shoulders, but have a narrow waist (a bit like an inverted triangle) we will take this into account and make you a shirt that fits both.  This way we can make a shirt that fits you perfectly whether your figure is closer to David Beckham, Jonny Wilkinson or Winston Churchill or anywhere in between.

We have two ways of fitting you a shirt:

Fuss-free Fit

This is the quickest and easiest way of ordering with us.

We take a few measurements that you will hopefully know off the top of your head, ie your waist (jeans) size, your height and your chest (jacket) size. From these we can make a pretty accurate assessment of what your full measurements will be.

We also take into account how you want your shirt to fit.  Some people like a figure hugging shirt, whereas some want something a bit looser. We have four different options ranging from the figure hugging “European slim” to the “Relaxed”, so we can get a perfect fit for everyone. You can see more about our fit options here.

We will show you the measurements your shirt will actually be made to below, and if you want you can make any adjustments to these. For example you may already know what your sleeve length is or you may want to measure one of your existing shirts that fits you perfectly in some places but could use a few tweaks.

Fully Measured Fit

If you have the time to take out a tape measure and someone to help you take the trickier measurements, then you can use our Fully Measured Fit.  You still chose how fitted you want your shirt, but there are slightly more measurements to take.  This way may get you a slightly better fit if you take all the measurements correctly, but we are confident that our Fuss-free Fit will give you a great fitting shirt.

Click here to see our video of how to measure using our fully measured fit.

Fit Guarantee

We want our clients to look as good and feel as comfortable as possible.

Our fitting system is pretty sophisticated but we know we can’t always get your shirt absolutely perfect first time, so if it isn’t just right, just let us know what tweaks are needed and we’ll make you a replacement for free.

We won’t be offended: it’s all part of the service.

We’ll also save any adjustments we make so that the next order you make will be perfect too!




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